Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites

Best Crypto & Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites

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Searching for the finest Bitcoin eSports betting platforms in 2024?

The Top 5 Crypto & Bitcoin eSports Betting Websites in 2024


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2 justbit JustBit Casino: 100% match bonus 1deposit (min 20EUR) + up to 250 Free Spins JustBit Casino First Deposit
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We understand if you’re pressed for time. No worries. Let’s outline the crucial details for you.

The realm of eSports betting using Bitcoin is on a steady rise. You’ll come across numerous options for Bitcoin-based eSports betting platforms.

Let’s focus solely on the elite five among them, allowing you to delve into eSports betting with your Bitcoins swiftly.

The premier eSports cryptocurrency betting platforms in 2024 encompass Stake, Thunderpick, SportsBet, BetOnline, and myStake.

While they all excel in facilitating eSports betting with Bitcoin, certain platforms might align better with your specific requirements.

To determine the most suitable option(s) for you, peruse the subsequent evaluations of each platform.

6 Key Factors to Evaluate When Selecting Your Bitcoin eSports Betting Platform

Now that we’ve analyzed the top eSports crypto betting platforms, you might be deliberating which one (or possibly two) suits you best. Here are several crucial considerations to aid you in making your final decision.

Geographic Restrictions

Your foremost consideration should revolve around whether you can participate on the platform. Are you operating within legal boundaries? For instance, sites like Betonline necessitate KYC verification. If you fall under the restricted category, your access will be denied. Platforms like Stake and 1xBit prioritize player privacy, which can mitigate some geographic limitations. Thunderpick allows anonymous accounts exclusively for users who utilize cryptocurrencies for deposits.

Reputation and Reliability

Secondly, you should weigh the reputation of the platform. This compilation emphasizes the platforms primarily based on their reputation. While engaging in Bitcoin eSports betting on a platform with a less stellar reputation is possible, exercise caution and only wager amounts you’re comfortable losing in case of unforeseen outcomes.

Variety of eSports Offered

Are you solely interested in the major eSports events, or do you have a penchant for a broader spectrum of options? If your preference leans toward diverse eSports, Thunderpick specializes in Bitcoin-based eSports betting across prominent and niche sports. It’s also wise to consider potential future expansions into other eSports categories.

VIP Programs and Incentives

Do you fall into the category of a casual eSports crypto bettor? Occasional visitors might not find VIP programs appealing. However, opting for a Bitcoin eSports betting platform that offers robust VIP services, like Stake, might be prudent for frequent users. Irrespective of your frequency, carefully assess the bonus programs each platform provides.

Withdrawal Speeds and Terms

Not all eSports crypto betting platforms exhibit identical withdrawal speeds or terms, even though they all accept crypto deposits and withdrawals. Stake, for instance, processes withdrawals nearly instantaneously, whereas BetOnline might entail a waiting period of several days. The variation is due to distinct withdrawal authorization policies and the varying processing times of different cryptocurrencies. Determine your comfort level with waiting periods and urgency for crypto access.

Customer Support

The final, yet no less significant, factor in identifying the optimal Bitcoin eSports betting platform pertains to the quality and responsiveness of customer support. Given that issues can arise in eSports betting with Bitcoin, prompt and effective problem resolution is vital, whether encountering minor or major concerns; a platform that addresses them swiftly and competently fosters a sense of security.

My suggestion is to test the customer support before depositing your funds to gauge its efficiency!

Bitcoin eSports Betting vs Traditional eSports Betting

eSports betting with bitcoin is a new phenomenon.

Some companies, like Kordspace, even offer development packages leveraging AI and machine Learning to create apps that scan eSports competitions to see who will be a favorite to win.

Overall, there are benefits to eSports betting with bitcoin versus fiat. Of course, there are cons too.

Let’s examine all the points.

Point 1: Financial Privacy

Some of the best eSports bitcoin betting sites, like Stake and 1xBit, offer complete privacy thanks to cryptocurrency payments.

Such financial privacy keeps your activities hidden from your banks, credit rating agencies, and, let’s be honest, your spouse.

Financial privacy at the best Bitcoin eSports betting sites = financial freedom.

Freedom to do what you want with your hard-earned money

Point 2: Low Fees

Traditional eSports betting sites must use fiat and all the KYC and transfer protocols that go along with that.

Thus, you are stuck with heavy fees: credit card, deposit, withdrawal, etc.

eSports crypto betting sites have a strong advantage here.

Transferring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies saves much money and time compared to other options.

A recent study showed that transfer fees with Bitcoin and crypto could be as much as 90% less than traditional bank transfer fees.

Point 3: Bet From (Almost) Anywhere

Gambling of any kind, even on eSports, is subject to strict regulations.

Betting sites must obtain licenses for each country, pay fees and taxes, report suspicious activities to each of them, etc.

Traditional betting sites will block you because of where your IP address, credit card, or bank transfer is coming from.

But some of the best eSports Bitcoin betting sites that offer deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies might not be under the same restrictions.

This allows some of them, like Stake and 1xBit, to operate anonymously and accept players worldwide.

Reminder: Some sites will accept your deposits but withhold withdrawals once they notice you’re from a restricted country. Always read each of the eSports betting terms and conditions before playing.

Point 4: Better Bonuses and Rewards

Why do the best eSports bitcoin betting sites offer better, bigger, and more frequent bonuses than traditional fiat-based betting sites?

Cryptocurrency transactions cost less to process. This helps them save money on deposit and payout fees, chargeback fees, and more.

They then pass on some of these savings through frequent bonuses and promotions.

Good for everyone.

Point 5: Watch Out For No ChargeBacks

One benefit of traditional eSports betting sites is that you can request a chargeback on your card if you feel the site has treated you unfairly.

You cannot do that with cryptocurrency.

One of the advantages of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is that all transactions are permanent, without any 3rd party being involved.

But that also means you must be more responsible and careful when sending your crypto because you cannot return it.

This is why choosing a licensed BTC eSports betting site might be necessary for some players.

Point 6: Keep in Mind the Volatility of Crypto

If you bet $10,000 worth of BTC and win 20% of your initial bankroll, it won’t feel like much of a win if the price of Bitcoin sinks so much that your withdrawal is only worth $5,000.
This is a risk that cannot be avoided at this time.

Perhaps in a decade, the price of Bitcoin will be more stable, but right now, it isn’t.

Play with an amount you’re okay with seeing go up, down, and sideways in value.

Or make sure to withdraw when you win and then send your crypto somewhere you can exchange for fiat or a stablecoin.


New to Bitcoin eSports Betting? This is How You Can Begin

The ascent of cryptocurrency eSports betting is swiftly capturing attention, and rightfully so.

Observing adept players can be as enjoyable as partaking in the games yourself.

Furthermore, the cryptocurrency’s volatility adds a multiplier to both risk and potential rewards.

It wouldn’t be astonishing if eSports became a global sensation, rivaling conventional sports, in a few years.

Consequently, embracing eSports betting with Bitcoin sooner rather than later is prudent. This way, you’ll amass experience before the masses arrive.

To initiate your journey, you’ll need some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Here’s a recommended avenue for purchasing some today: We propose this exchange for eSports betting due to its absence of policies against using the platform for gambling purposes, which differs from most other crypto exchanges.

You can also peruse our guide on investing in Bitcoin, which applies if you intend to purchase Bitcoin for eSports betting purposes. Afterward, here’s the sequence you should follow once you possess your first Bitcoin.

  1. Transfer your chosen funds to your preferred eSports crypto betting site. Refer to this guide on how to send Bitcoin for assistance.
  2. Place your bets and immerse yourself in the games.
  3. Withdraw your winnings back to your exchange or a reputable hardware wallet. For Bitcoin eSports betting sites, the process of sending BTC remains consistent.
  4. Repeat the process!

Embrace this exciting realm and relish the journey.

Pros & Cons of placing eSport bets with crypto:

Pros & Cons of placing eSport bets with crypto:
Anonymity: Cryptocurrency transactions can provide a level of anonymity and privacy compared to traditional payment methods.
Global Accessibility: Cryptocurrencies facilitate international transactions without the need for currency conversion.
Speed: Cryptocurrency transactions are often faster than traditional banking methods.
Innovation: Some platforms offer unique features like smart contracts for more transparent and automated betting.
Security: Blockchain technology can enhance security and transparency in transactions.
Volatility: Cryptocurrency values can be highly volatile, which might affect the value of your bets.
Regulation: The regulatory landscape for cryptocurrencies and online gambling can be uncertain in some regions.
Lack of Refunds: Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible, so mistakes cannot be easily rectified.
Learning Curve: If you're new to cryptocurrencies, there might be a learning curve involved in using them for betting.

In Conclusion

My passion for both Bitcoin and eSports runs deep. Having engaged in games like League of Legends and CS: GO, I’ve also witnessed these games played by skilled champions on platforms like Twitch.

Perhaps in the future, AI chatbots could even step into the role of announcers for eSports matches.

Imagine that, utilizing blockchain technology, you could acquire the autographs of your beloved eSports champions and then witness those signatures come to life in augmented reality.

Undoubtedly, the future shines brightly for the fusion of Bitcoin and eSports. The bond between cryptocurrencies and eSports is destined to be enduring. Seizing the opportunity sooner rather than later promises a smoother and more enriching experience.

This concludes my overview of the finest Bitcoin eSports betting platforms. I trust you found it as engaging to peruse as I did to assemble.

Have you ever explored a Bitcoin eSports betting website? Do you notice any omissions from my list?

Feel free to share your insights in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bitcoin eSports betting sites legal?
The legality of bitcoin eSports betting sites varies depending on your jurisdiction. In some countries, online gambling, including eSports betting with cryptocurrencies, might be regulated and permitted. In other regions, it could be restricted or prohibited. It's crucial to familiarize yourself with the gambling laws in your area before engaging in such activities.
What’s the best crypto eSports betting site in your opinion?
I don't have personal opinions or preferences. However, some well-regarded crypto eSports betting sites as of my last update include Stake, Thunderpick, SportsBet, BetOnline, and 1xBit. Remember that the "best" site depends on your preferences, such as available games, user interface, security measures, and bonuses.
What are the difference between bitcoin and traditional eSports betting?
The primary difference lies in the currency used for transactions. Traditional eSports betting typically involves using fiat currencies like dollars, euros, or yen to place bets on various eSports events. On the other hand, bitcoin eSports betting employs cryptocurrencies, mainly Bitcoin, for wagering. Cryptocurrency betting offers advantages like quicker transactions, potential privacy benefits, and the ability to bypass traditional financial intermediaries. However, it also presents challenges due to cryptocurrency's volatility and regulatory uncertainties in some jurisdictions.

Most eSports betting sites treat Bitcoin as just another funding source, so the main difference comes down to how quickly you can deposit your funds and start playing and how inexpensively you can move those funds in and out of your eSports site account.

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